Great ‘Wannabe WIG’ Fodder…

27 Nov

October 10 issue of Wired - "Europe's Next Billion Dollar Start-ups"

… The October issue of Wired. It’s basically a dating directory for wannabe WIGs. But on a serious note, the cover story is a really interesting and optimistic look at the European internet start up scene, highlighting a plethora of  highly successful European internet companies.

Of the dozen or so entrepreneurs profiled, one that I think I will do some more research on is Kristian Segerstrale of Social Gaming company Playfish. Those outside of the gaming industry may not be aware of the company, or its founder and CEO, Segerstrale, but Facebook users will have no doubt come across the company’s most successful game, Pet Society, which for a long while was the most played game on Facebook.

Originally from Finland, Kristian is now a British citizen who studied at Cambridge, and then LSE. He’s only 33 and has already sold two companies (Playfish was sold to EA games in 2009).   He’s a pretty ambitious guy, and in the Wired article describes Playfish’s sale to EA as a covert “reverse takeover”. It’s fair to say that his future is bright.

So I know all the girls are dying to hear one thing …what about the WIG?


To be continued…


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